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Superior Solvent Ink from Supply55 has been engineered to match the performance, color gamut and chemistry of Mimaki OEM solvent inks.
Specifically formulated for use with the Mimaki JV-3, JV-33 and CJV printers, Superior Solvent Ink provides the user with stunning color reproduction, plug-and-play compatibility to Mimaki OEM ink, the durability of a solvent ink and improved scratch resistance . . . all at a cost of up to 30% less than OEM ink!
Offered in both 440ml cartridges and 1 Liter bottles, Superior Solvent Ink can aid virtually any sized shop looking to save money on their ink.
Start saving today with Superior Solvent Ink by Supply55, Inc.

Please feel free to call us at 877-550-5590 | 734-668-0755 or email us at sales@supply55.com for additional information on Superior Solvent Ink or if you’re interested in becoming an authorized dealer.

Comparison Tests
Superior Solvent Mimaki Measuring Condition
Drying Test 35 min 36 min Samples allowed to at 25C (77F) on a
Temp: 25 C Temp.: 25 C hot plate. Humidity at 22%.
Humidity: 22% Humidity: 22%
Alcohol BK: 3 times BK: 3 times Used IPA 99% (Isopropanol Alcohol)
with a cotton swab and rubbed back
and forth (equals 1 time). It was equal
to the OEM after 3 back and forths.
Test was completed 24 hours afte
Resistance CY: 3 times CY: 3 times
Test MG: 3 times MG: 3 times
YE: 3 times YE: 3 times
Scratch BK: 16 times BK: 6 times Completed 24 hours after drying.
Resistance CY: 18 times CY: 10 times Stopped testing after noticeable
Test MG: 17 times MG: 4 times loss of color.
YE: 6 times YE: 3 times
Results Drying Time: Superior Solvent > Mimaki
Alcohol Resistance: Superior Solvent = Mimaki
Scratch Resistance: Superior Solvent > Mimaki
Odor: Superior Solvent = Mimaki
Note After converting from OEM ink always verify results when printing on
media for the first time, adjusting workflow as needed. When converting
from Mimaki OEM ink no flushing is required. If converting from a 3rd party
ink to Superior Solvent, flushing is required.
Quality Standard ISO 9001 Certified
Chip Set 440ml Cartridge Includes
OEM Compatible Chip
Head Technology EPSON Piezo Head
(Epson 10000 and MicroPiezo AMC)
Printer Compatibility
Mimaki JV-3
Item Description MSRP
440ml Cartridge Ink $85.00
1 Liter Bottle Ink $110.00
1 Liter Bottle Cleaning Solution $79.95