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Using advanced, computer integrated CNC machining technology, Precise Carbide™ Premium Cutter Blades are manufactured from the finest sub-micron carbide. The combination of high quality base materials and advanced machining technology allows Supply55 to provide a premium product at a very competitive price.

Blade Holders for Roland, Graphtec and Mimaki vinyl cutters and digital printers. Blade holders meet or exceed OEM specifications.

Cutter Blades for Roland, Graphtec, P-Cut, Mutoh, Mimaki and other vinyl cutters and digital printers. Precise Carbide Premium Cutter Blades meet or exceed OEM specifications.

Please use the matrix below to identify the Precise Carbide blade(s) compatible with your vinyl cutter. Click on the pricing matrix at the left for detailed product information.

For additional information, or if you’re interested in becoming an authorized Supply55 dealer, please feel free to call us at 877-550-5590 | 734-668-0755, or email us at

Product Number
Precise Carbide Roland Precise Carbide Graphtec Precise Carbide Mutoh Precise Carbide Mimaki Precise Carbide AD Precise Carbide Copam Precise Carbide Craftrobo Precise Carbide DGI Precise Carbide Encad Precise Carbide GCC Precise Carbide Gerber Precise Carbide Ioline Precise Carbide New Star Precise Carbide Pcut Precise Carbide Refine Precise Carbide Secabo Precise Carbide Seiki Precise Carbide VE1 Precise Carbide VE2
PC-GB4545-ST   x         x   x   x             x  
PC-GB6045-ST   x         x   x   x             x  
PC-GR4545-RF   x         x   x   x             x  
PC-GR6045-SB   x         x   x   x             x  
PC-IO45118-ST                       x              
PC-IO60118-ST                       x              
PC-IO4542-ST                       x              
PC-MI4525-ST       x       x         x            
PC-MI6075-SB       x       x         x            
PC-MU4550-ST     x                                
PC-MU6075-SB     x                                
PC-RO45175-CH x       x x       x       x x x x   x
PC-RO4525-RF x       x x       x       x x x x   x
PC-RO4525-ST x       x x       x       x x x x   x
PC-RO6075-SB x       x x       x       x x x x   x

* Pcut - Blades indicated are compatible with Pcut CT-630 models modified specifically for Roland blade holders.
** Vinyl Express - Blades indicated are compatible with Vinyl Express "Q Series" models only.
*** Vinyl Express - Blades indicated are compatible with all Vinyl Express models except for "Q Series".

Precise Carbide Image Gallery

  • PC-GB4545-ST
  • PC-GB6045-ST
  • PC-GR4545-RF
  • PC-GR6045-SB
  • PC-RO45175-CH
  • PC-RO4525-RF
  • PC-RO4525-ST
  • PC-RO6075-SB
  • PC-MI4525-ST
  • PC-MI4525-ST
  • PC-MI4525-ST
  • PC-MI4525-ST
  • PC-MI6075-SB
  • PC-MU4550-ST
  • PC-MU6075-SB
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